Uniform Guide
The purpose of our Uniform Policy is to ensure the neat and orderly appearance of our students, to reflect a positive image to the community, and to set a standard for appearance and behavior commensurate with being a Christian day school. We believe that this policy plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and for setting an appropriate tone.

St. James students are expected to be clean, well groomed and in full uniform each day. Dress code at St. James contributes to a sense of unity and conveys an attitude of excellence. Please ensure that your child’s uniform and shoes comply with school regulations. Students’ names should be carefully marked on their uniform clothing tags. Approved clothing is available through Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.


Approved St. James logo-wear must always be visible. The approved St. James plaid is the only exterior layer that may be worn without an attached logo. Tops must be white, navy or burgundy and purchased through Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.


Solid color navy or tan bottoms, or the approved plain or plaid jumpers may be worn. Pants, shorts, jumpers and skirts must be purchased through Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.


Footwear should be reasonable for safety and daily comfort. Open-toed shoes, Crocs and sling back shoes are unacceptable. Gym shoes are required for playing in the gym.


Caps, hats, hoods, scarves and bandannas may not be worn in the building. Jewelry may be worn that is appropriate and in good taste. Earrings for boys are unacceptable. Tights and socks should be a solid color white, navy, burgundy or brown.

Winter Wear

Boots and snow pants are required for early childhood students to play outside in the snow.


  • The St. James logo should always be visible. Any layer of clothing that is worn in the building as the outer garment must comply with the standards.
  • Clothing should be neat and clean.  Stained or rumpled clothing is not considered “in uniform.”
  • Long sleeve shirts may not be worn under short sleeve shirts.
  • Girl’s skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length. Short skirts and shorts will not be allowed.
  • Pant lengths should be tailored to the shoe and should be relaxed and suitable for comfortable movement.
  • Pants are to be worn at the waist or their natural height. Low risers or sagging pants should never be worn.
  • Polo shirts may be worn tucked in or remain out if they lay flat.
  • Tied, exposed belly or altered shirts will not be allowed.
  • Hair must be a natural color.
  • Clothing and accessories must be gender appropriate as determined by administration.

There may be special days when students are allowed to dress by standards other than the dress code. Students who elect not to participate in these special dress days must remain in compliance with the uniform dress code.

Middle School PE Uniform

Required for Students in Grades 5-8

PE uniforms contain St. James athletic logos and are available for purchase through our custom Lands’ End website.


Girls’ Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Basic T-Shirt in Gray Heather

Girls’ Mesh Shorts in Burgundy

Girls’ Sweat Pants in Burgundy

(optional, recommended for cool weather)


Boys’ Essential T-Shirt in Gray  Heather

Boys’ Mesh Shorts in Burgundy

Boys’ Sweat Pants in Burgundy

(optional, recommended for cool weather)

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