Private School in North Side Chicago – St James Lutheran School

As a Christian private school in North side Chicago, St James Lutheran School is dedicated to shaping and developing the eager minds of its students. Located in Chicago’s North Side, the school provides its services to children from a number of neighborhoods in the district, including areas covered by the 60613 and 60618 zip codes, such as Avondale and North Center. St James Lutheran School endeavors to provide a well-rounded education based in inquiry that nurtures both the mind and faith of our students.

Our Academic Enrollment Options:

  • Prekindergarten
  • Preschool
  • Early Childhood education
    • Half-day and Full-day Preschool
    • Junior Kindergarten
    • Kindergarten
    • Extended Day program
  • Elementary School (grades 1-4)
  • Middle School (grades 5-8)

North Side Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the United States, with approximately 2.7 million residents within its 234 square miles. Situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, the city has garnered much in the ways of cultural significance since its establishment as a city in 1837. Chicago boasts many of the nation’s firsts including the first Ferris Wheel and the first skyscraper, coming in at a staggering (at the time) 10 stories. The city also has religious significance, housing the headquarters for both the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Geographically, the city of Chicago is commonly divided into four districts: North Side, West Side, South Side, and Downtown/Central. The North Side of Chicago covers, fittingly, the northern part of the city, neighboring the western and central districts and containing, among other, the 60614, 60657, 60613 and 60618 zip codes. It is the second largest district geographically but the most densely populated residential area of the city

.We have been running a private school in the North Side of Chicago since before 1900

Populations of a wide variety of ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds have resided here throughout Chicago’s history. Many of the earliest residents of the district were immigrants from Northern and Eastern Europe, especially Poland and Germany. These individuals came from all over the socio-economic spectrum; some were day-laborers living in small houses or on farms, while others were wealthy merchants living in large, opulent mansions.

As time went on, many of these residents left the area in favor of the city’s suburbs. This ushered in a new era of residents, at first largely immigrants from Puerto Rico and other Latino communities and followed later by an influx of artists and others seeking cheaper rents.

Today, the North side is home not only to St James Lutheran School, but also to an influx of young and growing families. The preponderance of so many great restaurants, shops, boutiques, and cultural events make it a great destination for visiting and an even better place to settle and make roots. Our North Side Christian school is happy to educate our students to grow into well rounded, contributing members of Chicago’s future.

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