St. James Lutheran School is a mission of St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church UAC of Chicago, IL, a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)

All organizations need a system of governance to preserve order, define and cast a vision, and provide accountability between the staff and stakeholders. In the LCMS we practice congregational polity, which means that each congregation is self-governed.

Our first responsibility is always to Christ.  It is His church.  At the same time, we believe that Christ empowers a local church to exist through the gathering of the priesthood of believers, what we recognize as the local congregation, the members of which form our Voters’ Assembly.

The St. James Council is elected by and accountable to the Voters’ Assembly and has the accountability for establishing policy for and overseeing the management and operations of the church and school.  The Council is comprised of the officers of the congregation, the chairs of the boards, and the Senior Pastor as a non-voting member.

The Board of Education serves as the governing board for the school, including its early childhood program, and has the accountability to the St. James Council. The Board of Educations oversees the operation and management of the school as a mission of the Church.

Board of Education

Sara Welch , Chair (

Natalie Richards
Becky Gorcyca
Chris Burrichter
Kylie Hughes
Holly Sandefur
George Stowers

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Funding a quality education requires more than just tuition; it requires the support and generosity of the whole community.

St. James Lutheran School

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