Academic Overview

Our curriculum seeks to use the best research-based strategies to challenge students for excellence in the learning process. Students are exposed to a range of academic disciplines that require them to master specific information and to develop the skills to creatively express themselves using the information. We take the approach of educating the whole child by incorporating inquiry-based learning, which includes three school wide project weeks and a variety of field education experiences.


Inquiry-Based Learning

At St. James, we believe learning is most effective when students find value in what they are doing. Although they may not at first fully understand the long-range importance of their learning, children are initially attracted to be involved, to be invested and to inquire about some stimulus. This is how God made us to be.

Our faculty recognize this need in their students to be involved in their learning and invest themselves into the inquiry and problem solving process. We seek to develop an atmosphere for learning, a culture where this happens naturally, every day in every aspect of the students’ learning process.

We nurture an atmosphere and culture where learning is for KIDS

Knowledge • Inquiry • Discovery • Success


There is at every level of a student’s learning new knowledge that forms the basis for new problem solving. This knowledge is the toolbox for the inquiry process.


Whether the inquiry is a teacher or student directed question, the students at this state invest themselves into the problem-solving task.


The outcome of the discovery, or new knowledge or a new understanding of something is the jewel of the learning process.


Success is evidenced by a student’s ability to master knowledge, think critically and creatively express themselves.


Educating the Whole Child

Our curriculum and culture are expressed through four disciplines – Academic, Faith, Character and Health. In this way we develop the cognitive, spiritual, social/emotional and physical attributes of the person.

While we have high expectations for student achievement in math, science, reading and writing, we believe that those disciplines are best developed in an environment that also values the knowledge and discovery of social sciences, history, art, music, physical education, and, of course, the Bible as the basis for understanding who God is and how He relates to us.

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