It’s time to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Sounds like the Marathon Challenge to me! The Challenge looks and feels like the cross country season you may have experienced in the fall, except that there are no meets with other schools at nearby forest preserves.

We will again be circling the block on Mondays and Fridays right after school. We usually begin about 3:10 and conclude around 3:30. Each lap of our block is approximately one-third (.3) mile. Most students (open to all grades) run between 3-5 laps per session.

Parents are welcome to run with us or to serve as safety guards positioned at the various corners or alleys. Your support is very much appreciated as we depend on you to help us “keep an eye” on everyone.

Participation sheets have been distributed to interested students. These forms enable you to record results as your son/daughter works toward a cumulative goal for the spring (13.2 miles = Half Marathon medal; 26.2 miles = Full Marathon medal; 35 miles = Ultra Marathon medal). Additional sheets are available in the front lobby.

Running with your school teammates counts but so does running (or walking) around your neighborhood or at the park with friends or family. Bike riding and soccer practice are great exercise, too, but these do NOT apply to the Challenge.

Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to:

  1. Set a goal for yourself
  2. Have fun working toward it
  3. Get in shape/stay healthy
  4. Turn in your results after our final run on June 1

See you at the finish line!

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