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Transitioning to School

Transitioning to school can be an emotional time for many. As parents, you may feel conflicting emotions about this milestone. You are probably excited about all the fun and learning that your child will have and the new friends that he or she will make, but you may...

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CSI : Middle School

Forensic Science allows students to implement all of the knowledge they’ve learned. Over the last two quarters, 6th – 8th grade students learned about different sciences that are used at crime scenes. They investigated many topics like genetics, anthropology, and entomology.

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Rube Goldberg – St. James Wins Again!

Our St. James engineering team was a repeat winner on Saturday, April 9 at the Luther North College Prep annual Rube Goldberg competition. Coached by Becky Gorcyca, our middle school science teacher, our team of experts designed a series of ten mechanical operations...

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Flags Across Early Childhood

As a parent have you ever looked at a unit or activity that your child is doing at school and thought, “They already did this”? Sometimes we think that once a topic is covered, it is learned and does not need to be revisited. But young children are constantly growing...

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