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The Stages of Play in Early Childhood

You may have heard someone say about an early childhood program, “All the children do is play.” At good early childhood programs there is a lot of play, and there should be! Much research has been put into figuring out the best ways for young children to learn and...

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Teaching Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be a difficult concept for young children. They are often grounded in the idea of “fairness” – if someone does something wrong, they should be punished. But, we are encouraged in scripture to “be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each...

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Bridging Home and School

It is common knowledge that a bridge must be structurally sound to be effective. If it is not, it will eventually collapse. The same is true for relationships. They must be built on a sturdy foundation or they too will fail. At St. James, we truly believe that our...

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What Did You Do at School Today?

What did you do at school today? Does this question sound familiar? Most parents ask this very thing to their children when they pick them up at school or come home from work. The answer is often, “I don’t know” or “I played.” Not very informative, huh? It isn’t that...

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