It is common knowledge that a bridge must be structurally sound to be effective. If it is not, it will eventually collapse. The same is true for relationships. They must be built on a sturdy foundation or they too will fail. At St. James, we truly believe that our relationship with children and families is a partnership and like the bridge concept, we would like this relationship to be structurally sound so that we can successfully carry every student from childhood into adolescents.

Sometimes parents and teachers can be intimidated by each other. By willingly beginning the home/school relationship with an open, sharing approach, we can build trust. That way, when issues arise – even difficult ones – we can talk about them without hesitation or blame.

At St. James, it is a priority to keep you informed. We use Alma to record the daily lessons and experiences, we Instagram photos with education explanations (see early childhood photos here and elementary photos here), and we talk informally at drop-off and pick-up. In addition, we want you to feel welcome to be a part of our classroom at any time. From helping out with parties, to chaperoning field trips, to guest reading, there are many opportunities for you to be a part of the learning process and a part of St. James. If there are other ways that you would like to participate, let us know. We are always willing for people to share their God given gifts and talents with others.

Clearly, continued support and interaction from both families and teachers make the connection between home and school a two-way street. You can help by sharing information about your child and family with us. This is especially important during any period of distress or large change such as a new job, house, sibling, etc. This also includes changes in your child for example your child experiencing nightmares, changes in sleep habits, changes in eating or mood changes. Of course, anything that you share with a member of our staff will be held in confidence.

Similarly, it is our promise to you that we will alert you to anything out of the ordinary that we may notice with your child while they are here at school. Only through this open communication and sharing can we build a bridge that is strong enough to support our children.

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