As parents, we go to great lengths to prepare our children for the start of a new school year. We take them supply shopping and shoe shopping. We schedule exams and physicals and fill out the required paperwork.

But…are we, as parents, ready for all that a new school year brings?

By attending “Back to School Night”, you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher, meet the parents of your child’s classmates,  hear the teacher’s plans and goals for the year,  become acquainted with classroom policies and procedures, and gain insights into how you can support your child’s learning and development.

To make the most of the evening, it is beneficial to have some questions ready ahead of time. If you are unsure of where to begin, here are a few questions you may consider asking your child’s teachers.

  • If I have questions or concerns throughout the year, how and when is the best way to contact you?
  • How can I stay informed about assignments, due dates, projects, and grades?
  • What thematic units or concepts will you be covering this year? (Parents of older children may want to  ask to see a syllabus).
  • How much and what kind of technology will my child be expected to use at home?
  • If you notice that a child is struggling (academically, developmentally, or socially), what steps do you take to address the issues
  • How do you promote and or engage students in critical thinking?
  • What is a typical day (schedule/routines)  like in your classroom?
  • What can I do to support my child’s learning and development?

This night is designed to give you a sense of the big picture, provide you an opportunity to build a foundational relationship with the teachers, and introduce you to other parents in the school community. Take advantage of this evening to prepare yourself for a successful new school year!

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