Forensic Science allows students to implement all of the knowledge they’ve learned.  Over the last two quarters, 6th – 8th grade students learned about different sciences that are used at crime scenes.  They investigated many topics like genetics, anthropology, and entomology.

To conclude a semester’s worth of learning, students were presented with a crime they had to solve, “Who kidnapped principal Vick Tum?”  Students used their knowledge of fingerprint identification, motives, blood typing, impressions, white powders, color chromatography, and blood spatter to solve the crime.

Students loved using UV lights to find trace evidence, observing blood clots to determine the victims blood type, and mixing powders to discover which suspect was at the crime scene.

Inquiry-based, hands on science is essential for students to grow as scientists.  Not only did students solve a crime, but also they obtained, evaluated, and communicated information.  They analyzed and interpreted the data they gathered and synthesized their findings.

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