Students in grades 1-4 started each morning of Olympic Project Week with a bang! They gathered in the gym at 8:30 for an opening ceremony and relay races. Having set the tone for the day, they retired to their classrooms where the teamwork continued as they discussed their plans for the day and headed toward their different learning stations.

Students in grades 1-2 collaborated in seeking answers to questions like “Why should Chicago host the Olympics?”, “How will Chicagoans and their guests be kept safe?”, and “What kind of food preparation resources will athletes need?” In the process of exploring these and other topics, the first and second graders prepared Chicago brochures for our would-be visitors.

Students in grades 3-4 joined forces in expanding on the introductory topics discussed in grades 1-2. They spent time at specific learning stations exploring concepts such as “How will we handle the influx of different currencies and customer needs as people from the world flood Chicago’s stores, restaurants, and hotels?”, “Who were past Olympic heroes and what can we learn from them in planning for a successful event here in Chicago?’, and “Where is there enough green space or available property to construct or reconfigure buildings for housing athletes and staging events?”

Today, the grade 1-4 students presented their findings, projects, and skills developed to their parents. They gathered in the Community Center on the lower level of the church to make their case for a future Summer Olympics in Chicago.


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