Imagine, Chicago is making a bid to host the summer Olympics in 2024. As part of the process, each sport has a committee to work on its logistics, Olympic importance and advertisement. This week, middle school students were tasked with heading a committee for a specific sport.

Here is an insight to things they will have to answer.


Location – Where will your sport take place? Is it near the Olympic village/stadium? How will Olympians travel to and from the event? How many events are at your sport? What is the schedule? How many Olympians will be participating in your event? Will you need more than one location to host your event? How many people will view this event at Rio’s 2016 Olympics? Will your location fit he same amount? Can you use a current building? Will you have new construction? Do you need temporary structures? What is the cost to rent or build your arena?

Safety – How will you keep athletes and observers safe? How many entrances and exits are there? How many security guards or police officers will you need? What will be the cost? How ill spectators enter and exit? Will you have security devises? How much will the devices cost?

Olympic Importance – The Olympic committee continually eliminates and adds sports. For example, baseball was eliminated from the summer Olympics, however golf and rugby were added for the 2016 Olympics. Why is your sport important enough to stay in the Olympics? What is the history of your sport at the Olympics? Is there an individual or team that stands for your sport? You will create an Olympic timeline for your sport.

Advertisement – How will you promote your sport at Chicago’s Olympics? What will the United States team wear? Why should people choose to view your sport? How will your venue help Chicago’s economy?



Committees will deliver a presentation that focuses on their sport at Chicago’s Olympics. They will create a trifold board as a visual aide, fill out a bid packet and make a timeline.

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