One of the goals of book reports is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of what they read. Students determine themes or central ideas and provide a concise summary  of plot and character.

Each marking period, students in middle school are to read at least one book, aside from the assigned classroom reading, and report on it. Today book reports come in a variety of forms. A current favorite in our middle school is the book trailer.

A good book trailer will give just enough information about characters, conflicts, themes, and setting to get others interested in reading the book too.

Students use iMovie or other video editing software to not only show their understanding, but to generate excitement for reading amongst their classmates.

Here are a few book, trailers created by Anna Heyse (gr. 8), Henry Brennan (gr. 7) and Alex Mohr (gr. 5).


The Selection by Kiera Cass

Book Trailer by Anna Heyse

The Legend by Marie Lu

Book Trailer by Henry Brennan


Spy in Training by Stuart Gibbs

Book Trailer by Alex Mohr

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