Community service has always been a passion and I’m so thankful for my time volunteering at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS).  The LPCS provides interim housing, meals and a variety of social services aimed at helping adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet and regain housing for the long-term.  I began cooking dinners at the shelter four years ago as part of Miami University’s alumni group.  As their Philanthropy chair, I organize volunteer groups to prepare meals for the residents several times a year. We looked at it as a time for alumni to come together, bond and give back.  Four years later our involvement continues because it’s been so much more rewarding than we originally expected and above all it’s a place that is truly making a lasting difference in people’s lives.

One of my favorite things about the shelter is that they encourage volunteers to eat with the residents and get to know them on a personal level. It amazes me that time spent interacting with people is what truly makes a difference and that no matter what your situation is there’s a way to connect.  Without fail at the end of each meal we’re gifted with a round of applause and from time to time cheers. It’s a place that truly embraces their mission and has been helping our homeless neighbors for 25 years.

When St. James chose the Lincoln Park Community Shelter as a place to serve in the neighborhood I was eager to help our school and church community to get involved. On Tuesday, March 31 a group of ten people from St. James prepared and served dinner at LPCS together. Previous service opportunities include:

  • Early Childhood students, with the help of the Daisy troops, wrote letters and stuffed sack lunches for the residents.
  • The staff prepared and served a delicious dinners on a number of occasions.
  • Early Childhood students and 4th grade Brownies spread a little love around Valentine’s Day and helped out with sack lunches.

As we seek to reach out with the love of Jesus, I am grateful for my experience to serve and help bring Christ’s compassion and mercy to the community of Lincoln Park.

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